Register a Digital Signature Certificate

We provide quick and affordable service to register a Digital Signature Certificate through 100% online process.

Benefits of having Degital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital Signature requirements have increased alongwith increase in  use of internet in  business irrespective of size and nature of business. Using digital signatures over physical signatures comes with many advantages. It saves time in sending your contracts in email. Sending documents digitally is faster and more cost-efficient. It can be accessed antime any where with any internet-enabled device. Since digitally signed documents are saved in the cloud, they can be accessed and signed documents anytime. A person can sign and return documents in few clicks, also transactions are secure, enforceable, auditable, and well accepted.

Some of reasons of Using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) are:

  • Online signatures are legally accepted
  • See who opened each document and when they signed
  • An audit trail is used to ensure the confidentially of all transactions
  • No one else can forge your digital signature or submit an electronic document falsely claiming it was signed by you.
  • Use of digital signatures and electronic documents reduces risks of documents being intercepted, read, destroyed, or altered in transit.
  • Cost effective as direct savings from switching to a paperless process, including cost of paper, ink, printer maintenance and shipping costs
  • Ability to include a third party timestamp. time-stamping the digital signatures, it is clearly known when the document was signed.

Documents Required for Digital Signature Certificate

 Identity Proof of Proposed Person

PAN Card / Copy of Passport

 Photographs of Proposed Person

2 Passport Size Photographs

 Address Proof of Place of Business 

Rent Agreement / Sale Deed

 Address Proof of Proposed Person

Passport / Aadhar Card / Driving License