Register a One Person Company

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Benefits of Setting up a One Person Company (OPC)

One Person Company is a Private Limited Structure, which is the most popular business structure. It has many advantages as compared to Proprietorship firm. In a proprietorship firm, all  personal assets of proprietor may be at risk in the event of failure, but this is not in the case of a One Person Private Limited Company. In OPC shareholder liability is limited to his shareholding. Others benefits of setting up an One Person Company are:

  • OPCs have been provided with a number of exemptions and therefore have lesser compliance related burden.
  • OPC is organized version of Propritership firm and open the avenues for more favorable banking facilities.
  • An OPC gives the advantage of limited liability to entrepreneurs whereby the liability of the member will be limited to the unpaid subscription money.
  • In case of death/disability of the sole person should be provided through appointment of another individual as nominee director.
  • Complete Control Of The Company With The Single Owner

Documents Required for Registration as One Person Company

 Identity Proof of Proposed Person

PAN Card / Copy of Passport

 Photographs of Proposed Person

2 Passport Size Photographs

 Address Proof of Place of Business 

Rent Agreement / Sale Deed

 Address Proof of Proposed Person

Passport / Aadhar Card / Driving License