Register a Partnership Firm

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Partnership Agreement

GST Registration

PAN Card

Benefits of Setting up a Partnership Firm

Partnership Firm can be formed easily without any compulsory legal formalities. It is not necessary to get the firm registered. A simple agreement or partnership deed (oral or in writing) is sufficient to create a partnership. Partnership Business can be very well managed by all the partners as they take interest in the daily affairs of business because of the ownership, profit and control. Further, due to the limited number of partners there is flexibility in the operations of business as the partners can amend any objectives or change any operations any time by mutual consent. Some of the reasons of setting up Partnership are:

  • A renowned & commonly used business model
  • Partners operates Business and risks & rewards are shared among partners
  • More number of members in firm bring larger resources for the business
  • The number of compliances are on lesser side in case of Partnership Firm.

Documents Required for Partnership Firm Registration

 Identity Proof of Proposed Person

PAN Card / Copy of Passport

 Photographs of Proposed Person

2 Passport Size Photographs

 Address Proof of Place of Business 

Rent Agreement / Sale Deed

 Address Proof of Proposed Person

Passport / Aadhar Card / Driving License